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A passion for design
Maxim Beusen, designer and goldsmith

As a designer, I consider jewellery to be more than mere accessories, but pieces of art in and of itself. The remarkable thing about jewels is that they, in contrast to the more traditonal artforms like painting and sculpture, stand directly in relation to the human body. Jewellery beautifies the human form, it expresses emotion, opinion, proclivities, and character to the outside world.
Jewels also symbolise relationships we humans have with other humans. They are often precious heirlooms, passing from one generation to the next. Not merely because of their intrinsic value, but more because of their emotional value. 

In my own work I am inspired by all I see, and all that fascinates me.
A recurring thread in my designs is the natural, the organic. The varying forms and shapes of nature are endlessly fascinating to me. From rocks and fungi to insects and trees. Equally important to me is art history as a source of inspiration. It is from there I get various associations with style periods and visual elements to deform, and drag into a 21st century context


The materials with which I work are also an enormous source of new ideas to me. Much of my work has been inspired by the gems they contain. A specific shape, cut, colour, or inclusion can be the basis for an entirely new concept. Gemstones are present in most of my pieces, and their preciousness, hardness, colour and clarity is a very primal thing.

My youth was filled with art, architecture, and music. With two very creative parents, I grew up amidst books about art and culture. Equally important was the love of craftmanship my father instilled in me. My father, who is not just a sculptor, but also a smith, shrineworker, woodcarver, furniture restorer, and all-round creative whirlwind.

After high school I studied fashion design at ArtEZ for two years. Here I discovered a love for designing, and the projection of art onto a human body for a canvas. After these years I attended the Vakschool, to learn how to transform my ideas into objects of precious metal and stone. While studying there, I started my own business, and opened a shop in the center of Schoonhoven. After a year of having my shop and atelier at this spot, I decided to focus more on the fabrication of unique pieces, more art-oriënted than commercially inclined.
Besides these more creative endeavours, I remain active in my custom work.

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