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Privacy statement

Maxim jewellery design will at all times strive to safeguard the privacy of all the users of our website, and we shall treat all the personal information you provide us with with the utmost care and discretion. We shall only use your personal information and contact details to process your payment, and to ship your order to you in the swiftest possible manner. All other usage of your personal information and contact details will only happen with your express consent. Maxim jewellery design will not sell your information to third parties, and will only make your personal information available to those involved in the execution of your order.

Maxim jewellery design uses the collected data to offer our customers the following services:

If you wish to receive a quotation, or place an order for a jewel, we shall need your name, e-mailadress, shipping adress, and payment details to process this request, and to keep you updated on its progress. To allow for a smooth and comfortable shopping experience, with your permission, we save your personal information, and all information pertaining to the specific order you may have placed. This allows us to make the website more customer friendly to you personally. We are able to use your e-mailadress to provide you with information about news and new developments on the website. If you wish not to receive any e-mails, you may unsibscribe to any newsletters via our website. If you place an order with Maxim jewellery design, we will safely store your data on a secure server. User data and the feedback we get from our customers enable us to further develop our website, and to improve upon the existing site. If you decide you would like to give us some feedback, you may choose wether or not to add your name and other personal information. We are always very happy to hear from our customers, but retain the right to withold publicing those reviews that do not meet the requirments set in place for this website. If you respond to a competition or other promotions, we will ask for your name, adress, and e-mailadress.We use this information to send you information about the prize or promotion, and to announce the winner(s), and to measure the respons to our promotion activities. Maxim jewellery design does not sell your information. Personal information will under no circumstances be sold to third parties, and will solely be handed to those parties involved in the processes on this website. Our employees and all other perties involved in the process here at Maxim jewellery design are obliged to respect your privacy, and your personal data.

Cookies are small bits of information that your browser saves onto your computer. Maxim jewellery design uses these cookies to recognize you upon your next visit to our site. TThese cookies enable us to collect information about the usage of our services, and to improve these, to better meet the desires of our customers. Our cookies give information pertaining to personal identification. You may change your browser settings, so you do not receive cookies when shopping at Maxim jewellery design.

If you have any remaining questions about the privacy policy of Maxim, please feel free to contact us. Our customer service is happy to help if you wish to have insight into your stored information, or if you wish to make any changes thereupon.
If any changes occur with our privacy policy, you can visit this page to find the most recent information.

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